Established in 2014, A&R GROUP FORMALLY KNOWN AS A&R Hospitality Management has taken THE HOTEL INDUSTRY BY STORM. Based in Gulf Shores, AL, A&R quickly expanded beyond ITS ROOTS OF THE GULF COAST REGION AND IS FOCUSED ON DEVELOPING IN SURGING MARKETS. A big part of our planned growth includes development and construction of new hotels through our construction AND DEVELOPMENT DIVISIONS. A&R has partnered with globally recognized brands such as MARRIOTT, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Wyndham and Choice Hotels. In addition to owning, developing and operating hotels, A&R offers INDUSTRY LEADING SERVICES THROUGH Hotel Management, Construction Management & Development.


A&R Pillars

Virendra Ken Patel

Immigrating into the United States in 1996, Mr. Patel was able to quickly build his company from the ground up with very little resources and a passion for fulfilling his vision. Mr. Patel began his career in the hospitality industry in 1997 by managing a family owned hotel, as he got more familiar with the industry, he decided to invest in his first hotel in 1998. With his passion in hospitality, great deal of business knowledge and his drive for success; Today Mr. Patel is the founding partner and CEO of A&R Group which has three primary divisions, Contruction, Development and Hospitality. Currently Mr. Patel’s portfolio consists of globally recognized brands such as Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Wyndham, and Choice with a rapidly growing portfolio of hotels.

Angela Patel

Behind every successful man, is a strong and passionate woman, and Mrs. Patel is the epitome of this. From an early age, she showed a strong interest in the family business and began helping out her family’s hotels from office work to operations. She continued to pursue her passion of hospitality and has grown into a leading expert in her field, in the Gulf Coast Region. Over the years she has worked in every role at the property level and now passes on her knowledge to her team of hotels. With her expertise in hotel operations and high-level strategy for revenue and sales, she continues to push the company forward. Angela Patel is the perfect complement to Mr. Ken Patel’s vision within the hospitality industry

Anil Patel

Anil Patel plays a key role in the continued growth of A&R Group. Coming from an entrepreneurial background in multiple industries himself, Mr. Anil teamed with Mr. Ken in 2014 to form the hospitality management company. Anil Patel focuses on identifying sites for future expansion, working with potential investors and negotiating management contracts.

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